Selling Limited Edition Works on Paper or Canvas

Thank you for visiting our site and your note.  I would be delighted to help you in selling your artwork.  We offer a consignment service where you keep the art in your possession, and we will list it on our website for no charge.  This in no way is an exclusive arrangement with us, which still allows you to sell the artwork yourself or elsewhere.  In a way, it is a no risk opportunity.  We do ask however, that if you do list the work with us and you sell it elsewhere, you let us know.  We presently average over 1,000,000 hits monthly on our site so we get a good share of potential buyers that will certainly see your artwork.

Listing service: As mentioned above, we would be happy to list your artwork for free. Only when your piece sells through us do we have a 20% charge of the sale price with a $250 minimum commission.  We will make sure to notify you of all reasonable offers.

To get started and have your artwork available to our client base, you simply need to let us know what your net asking price (what you want me to write you a check for) is for your artwork, the title, edition number, the size, the medium, and supply images of the Certificate of Authenticity and of your artwork, and away we go.  In addition, a phone number is very, very useful in case our emails to you bounce and we have a client interested in your artwork.  I will only list artwork on-line once a net asking price is provided

Every client has different motivations for selling and as such we don't offer pricing on the pieces consignees sell.  It is always our goal to get out at least what a client has into a piece, however that isn't always possible.  You might consider looking at the Completed Items section of eBay to see what prices your art has sold for.  You might also consider doing a Google/Yahoo search for the artist and title with both in quotes.  You could also look at completed auctions on or Should you want a formal appraisal, please view the information at

When your artwork sells: You will need to ship it to our location, in almost all cases unframed (UNLESS The ARTWORK IS ON CANVAS or 3-DIMENSIONAL), as we need to verify the artworks' authenticity and condition. As such, make sure to include your shipping costs in your net asking price.  You can use the following link to help calculate this … … we are in Mesa AZ 85209

PLEASE NOTE: I WILL NOT sell artwork that isn't in a condition I would accept into my own collection.  We will ONLY sell or buy artwork which is in great condition with no scratches, dents, waves, tears, cracks, creases, etc.  Additional concerns for works on paper are paper loss (where the paper has been torn away caused by incorrect handling during framing); mat burn or browning/discoloration of the edges of paper (caused by use of acidic matboards); yellowing or fading of the artwork (caused by inappropriate use of glazing); browning/discoloration around the image (caused by inappropriate use of glazing); and foxing (these are brown spotting which is often caused by mildew).   Additional concerns for works on canvas are holes in the canvas, and tears caused during stretching.

Payment: Once the piece is sold - for over 30 years now we've pretty much used the same procedure.  Checks are cut after the artwork is received and verified as being authentic and in great condition. Artwork which is not in great condition will need to be restored prior to shipping to us, or our restorers can make the necessary repairs.  Failure to have the artwork restored to excellent condition will result in us returning the artwork to you at your expense.  In addition, we will charge any cost accrued to us for the initial shipment to us.  Feel free to call me if you have any questions. 

Should a piece require restoration I will immediately email you photos for your consultation.  Should you agree to have the piece restored, it will be shipped to our curator in LA for an estimate of costs.  Once I receive that estimate, I pass this information on to you for your approval.  Should you agree, restoration will begin. If not, the piece is returned to me and I get a credit card number from you to return the artwork to you.  Once restoration is completed and the artwork is returned to me, I cut a check to the curator, run the credit card of the buyer and cut a check to you minus the costs which are itemized on your Bill Statement.

Thank you for considering Herndon Fine Art; we look forward to helping you sell your art!

 Have a great day,
Russell Herndon

Herndon Fine Art
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Every client has different motivations for selling and as such we don't offer pricing on the pieces clients sell

If you are looking for the value of your limited edition artwork -- we have a $50 charge for certificates of value if you provide the title, the number of your piece, and an image of your artwork.  Original one-of-a-kind pieces require a formal appraisal.  Please see our Appraisal Services page.

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